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Arcadia, CA, Homes for Sale

Arcadia Neighborhood Guide

Arcadia is a stunning city in the San Gabriel Valley, east of Pasadena, California. Through the years, it consistently developed to provide its residents with a better quality of life in Arcadia, CA homes for sale.

The primary residents of Arcadia were native americans. Moving forward to the 20th century, ranches began to be split into home lots, leading to abundant available housing alternatives. Arcadia real estate has developed into a thriving suburban residential community with first-rate amenities and a progressive economy. The city’s resources were supplied by retail trade, wholesale trade, healthcare, manufacturing, the arts, and entertainment industries. It is the location of the most extensive commercial district in the western section of the San Gabriel Valley. Enjoy the benefits of living in premium communities with high-quality educational institutions, many parks, and numerous possibilities for recreation.

Here’s more about Arcadia in terms of dining, entertainment, and healthcare:

Living in Arcadia, CA

Feel as though you’ve been transported to the bustling night markets of Asia in 626 Night Market. The place may be found close to houses for sale in Arcadia. It is the ideal location to taste the area’s richly diverse culture and sample dishes worldwide. In addition, the market also has live performances. It is a beautiful spot for people to socialize and have a good time.

The Westfield Santa Anita Mall is a sizable shopping area that caters to the requirements of the neighborhood’s residents. You may shop till you drop at popular stores such as H&M, Macy’s, and Nordstrom. You may also be the first to see the newest movies at their AMC Theatres megaplex, which has sixteen screens.

USC Arcadia Hospital, formerly Methodist Hospital of Southern California, is equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment and provides care of the highest caliber. They offer emergency care, orthopedic care, cancer treatment, and care for the heart. The hospital added new operating rooms and a contemporary intensive care unit, improving healthcare and enhancing recovery rates. In Arcadia, excellent care is always available.

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Arcadia, CA, Homes for Sale: A Buyer’s Guide

  • Arcadia, CA, homes for sale consists of single-family residences, townhouses, and condominiums.
  • For those searching for a low-maintenance lifestyle, condos sell for $545,000 to $1.5M.
  • Townhouses are available between $630,000 to as high as $2.5M.
  • The typical price range for the neighborhood’s single-family homes and apartment buildings is $699,900 to $12M.
  • Homes in Arcadia range from around 1,200 square feet up to 11,900 square feet, with most falling in the middle.
  • Lots for homes in the city typically measure between 0.19 and 0.93 acres.
  • The average bedroom layouts in these dwellings are three to eight.
  • Depending on the design, there can be two to ten bathroom arrangments.
  • A four-car garage, sauna, fitness center, and elevator are all standard features in high-end homes.
  • This region is home to various residential communities, including Highland Oaks, Santa Anita Park, Lower Rancho, and others.

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